FACTORY SCOUTING REPORT Akron, OH B.A.T.S. Video Scouting Session & Rookie Session

Andy Ferguson

EVENT DATE: 7/21/2005

LOCATION: Lee R. Jackson Baseball Field, University of Akron

This was our second trip to the University of Akron in 2005. Our first trip was in February, when we held an event in their outstanding indoor facility. This time we were outside on a very nice least until the morning clouds gave way to a 90 degree afternoon...

As usual on days that we see a smaller number of players, only the Top 3 Prospects were selected.

Top 3 Prospects

The Top 3 Prospects were selected by Andy Ferguson (Director of Scouting) based on their performance at the event. The ranking is based on their status as college prospects, and is relative to the entire group of players we saw on the day - we now consider underclassmen in our selection process.

IMPORTANT - We list players at the position(s) where we feel they are prospects. This may result in a player being listed at a position they did not play for us, or having a position they did play for us go unlisted. As usual, all references to "average" are based on high school standards.

1. Justin Warrington, LHP, 2008 - Granville, OH (Watkins Memorial HS), 6-1, 190, L/L. Both times we have seen Warrington his fastball was 83-85 mph and his curveball was near well above average (12 to 6 shape, down from hand and depth to downward break). He does not have the arm of a young man that has not yet turned 16, and his body also looked to be advanced beyond his years. He has broad, square shoulders and size in his legs with an athletic look. He pitches from an over top slot with two piece arm action out of the glove. His stroke is quick and compact out front, getting his fastball on a good down plane. His direction is good and lower body action is excellent, very explosive through the release. Oh by the way, he also showed the makings of a change-up. An exciting young prospect, also a power forward on his HS basketball team.

2. Brandon Eckerle, OF/RHP, 2007 - Durand, MI (Corunna HS), 5-11, 165, R/R. Eckerle is a three sport high school athlete (basketball forward, football safety and receiver). His athletic ability shows throughout his tools. He ran 7.06 in the 60 yard dash, and an even better 4.38 home to 1B. His arm and defensive ability were above average in the outfield, and he showed good rhythm and balance at the plate. His stroke was loose through the zone and his bat speed was strong average. A line drive hitter with an idea to go the other way. On the mound his fastball was 82-86 mph with steady life to his arm side from an over top slot. He showed a strong average curveball with 11 to 5 shape, solid spin and a compact break. His change-up was in the zone with arm side life like his fastball. He is a bit of a long armer, but showed a loose wrist and arm speed when he got his arm in front of him.

3. Mason Reynolds, RHP/IF, 2009 - West Carrolton, OH (West Carrolton HS), 6-2, 145, R/R. Reynolds is a low effort right hander with very good feel for his secondary stuff. His fastball was between 76 and 81 mph with slight arm side life. His curveball has tight spin and two plane break, was more across but traveled on the same plane as his fastball before breaking down - with more arm speed this pitch has well above average potential. He really sold a fastball release on his change-up, kept arm speed up and then the pitch had great movement down and to the arm side - already an above average pitch. His arm worked loose and easy out front, and he pitched from a three quarter slot. He had good direction in his delivery, and was a little upright. Also showed a low effort stroke at the plate with good balance and some rhythm to hit.  Barrel accuracy was good and he made solid line drive contact.

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