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2011 Under Armour Pre-Season All-America Tournament Recap

A Scout's Life in Colombia

Through a Parent's Eyes
Your Advantage

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January 27, 2011

2011 Under Armour Pre-Season All-America Tournament Recap
By Dave Lax

UAAA GameThe 2011 Under Armour Pre-Season All-America Tournament is in the books. Great play, great weather and great generosity headlined this year's event. After Day 1 of on-field action the players and parents were treated to a one-of-a-kind college recruiting panel. The panel began at 8 PM and included former professional players, former and current scouts, as well as current recruiting specialists...[more]

Also be sure to check out the 2011 Event Page for Top 10 Performer's, pictures and more information.

A Scout's Life in Colombia
By Tim Kurkjian, ESPN

Baseball Factory Consultant, Mike Toomey, is featured in an article by ESPN's Tim Kurkjian: "A scout's life in Colombia"

The Casa De Abuela, or "Grandmother's House," is a $60-a-night hotel in Turbaco, a community outside of Cartagena, Colombia. It is where Mike Toomey, the Kansas City Royals' special assistant to the general manager, stays rather than at a nearby Hilton Hotel for $300 a night "because I like to be among the people, I like to feel the heartbeat of the city."…[more]

Through a Parent's Eyes
"Your Advantage"

By Rob Naddelman

Rob Naddelman For anyone that plays tennis, a closely contested match can lead to a lot of games when the score is tied at 40-40 (also known as Deuce). At this point, in order to win the game, a player needs to win two points in succession. The player that wins the first point is notated with an "Advantage", either "AD IN" or "AD OUT", depending upon who is serving. From there, the player can win the game by winning the next point, however, if their opponent wins the point it goes back to Deuce and it starts all over again...[more]

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