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Eyeblack.com & Baseball Factory Join Forces to Create Strategic Alliance

Baseball Factory and Team One Alumni Honored with 2011 MLB Awards

Nutrition's Effect on Performance
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November 30, 2011

Eyeblack.com & Baseball Factory Join Forces to Create Strategic Alliance
By Tim Richardson/Maroon PR

SBEyeBlack.com, the official EyeBlack of athletes and fans, and Baseball Factory, the nation's leader in player development and college recruiting, today announced the creation of a formidable partnership that will enable each company to strengthen its position within the baseball and softball marketplaces, as well as other future verticals. As leaders within their respective industries, this partnership also aids each company's long-term growth strategy as there are multiple synergies between the two organizations. The initial term for the deal is two-years...[more]

Baseball Factory and Team One Alumni Honored with 2011 MLB Awards
By Sam Latzes
SBThe St. Louis Cardinals have won the World Series and the 2011 baseball season has come to a close. It is now time for Major League Baseball to recognize the standout players from the past season. This year, seven Baseball Factory alumni have been honored, winning a total of eleven awards including a Cy Young Award, two League MVPs, a Rawlings Gold Glove Award, a Hank Aaron Award, and six Louisville Silver Slugger Awards. Baseball Factory would like to congratulate our alumni: Justin Verlander, Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitzki, Jose Bautista, Prince Fielder, Brian McCann, and Justin Upton for their outstanding efforts this season...[more]

Nutrition's Effect on Performance
By Leland Snaider

Matt Schilling What better time to discuss the imperative nature of nutrition's effect on human performance than as we eat our way into the holiday season. It is safe to say that an athlete's diet has a profound effect on any effort to enhance performance and make physical changes. In continuing with the concept that the human body is like a machine, food acts as the fuel and determines how well the machine runs. Simply put, a machine without proper fuel operates inefficiently and is therefore ineffective. Nutrition is the foundation which fuels daily life and the operating systems of the human body. From weight gain to weight loss, to simply maximizing athletic performance, food is the key factor...[more]

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