Overall Rating for Rising Seniors
Class Rating

Assigned to: “Rising Seniors”. For the purposes of this scale, a player is designated a “Rising Senior” on January 1 of the year they will become a senior.
Example: 2016 graduate becomes a “Rising Senior” 1/1/2015
Purposes: show the level(s) at which the player has potential to be recruited, and show how the player rates against other “Rising Seniors”.
Scale: Numbers 1 – 10. Top = 1, Bottom = 10

The chart below shows the levels of college baseball, along with the range of players with potential to be recruited at that level.
Division I Division II Division III NAIA JUCO
Class 1 - 4 Class 1 - 5 Class 1 - 8 Class 1 – 6 Class 1 - 8
This rating is based only on our evaluation of the baseball player. There are many other factors that influence the recruiting process, our scale does not account for them since they are specific to each individual school.
•player academics (GPA, boards) •school recruiting budget, available money
•school academic requirements •type of player(s) school likes and recruits
•school recruiting needs•in state vs. out of state players
The Class Rating is not designed to express the scholarship potential of a player to a certain level or school, only the schools and coaches can determine that using the factors above along with their evaluation of the player.
The Class Rating is designed to help players identify the level(s) of college baseball at which they have potential to be recruited, and to help schools and coaches identify players that have potential to be recruits for them.
Tool Grades     |    Updated January 1, 2015