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PVP-Kennesaw-GA-Prospect-Rock-Rucker-12PVP: Kennesaw, GA
Prospect: Rock Rucker ('12)

Rocker is a top prospect and a solid two-way player. Feet are quick and athletic as he takes proper routes / angles in tracking down balls in the OF. He moves well laterally, displaying plus range. Actions are loose and easy with the baseball exploding out of his hand. Throws display life, carry, and on line carry into his target. Offensively is continues to shine as he displays outstanding hitting abilities and power. Hands are quick, generating plus bat speed with leverage in his swing. Power is a plus with baseball exploding off his bat. On the mound, fastball shows late life and arm side run. Ball gets on the hitter in a hurry. Breaking ball displays 1/7 shape with tight spin and late / sharp action. Split finger shows downward action.