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Sports Athletic Testing

Introducing Baseball Factory’s Official Baseball SAT (Sports Athletic Testing). See where your game compares to others in your state and nationwide!

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America’s #1 Comprehensive Percentile Ranking System for Amateur Baseball Players!

 Over time, we’ve honed our testing matrix to combine both baseball skills and overall athletic ability to provide the best combination of factors that make the best players stand out and give everyone a sense of how they can improve.  SAT_reportZoom

Learn more below about why our Sports Athletic Testing is crucial to an athlete’s development.

How does your game stack up against others?

Knowing how your athletic movements help or hurt your baseball skill development can mean the difference between being good or being great.

Baseball Factory has spent the last 24 years testing and recording tens of thousands of player’s athletic and baseball skills in thousands of events all over the country. We have used those results to help build the nations #1 Baseball Evaluation organization in the industry.

Why is it important for your athlete to be evaluated?

Above all, parents want the best for their children. In today’s world of rushing from travel ball to competitive showcases at high levels, players are receiving incredible opportunities to showcase their skills, but lack the necessary development of a well-rounded game. The problem becomes there is not enough time for self-evaluation. Coaches only have so much time to provide necessary adjustments and tweaks to an athlete’s game to help them improve in those crucial areas.

This program provides specific testing, highlighting key factors, athletically and mechanically to one day become the best player they can be. Having this information, an athlete understands exactly where their skill set is and can focus on becoming more balanced, working on key areas of their game.

Introducing Baseball Factory’s Official Baseball SAT (Sports Athletic Testing). See where your game compares to others in your state and nationwide!

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What is Baseball Factory’s Sports Athletic Testing?

Powered by Baseball Factory, the Baseball SAT helps compare your athletic and mechanical baseball skills to other athletes your age across the country. This information will help you become a more balanced and overall better baseball player.

Our experts have developed 20 athletic tests that when combined, provide an accurate assessment of your athletic ability on the field. These test results fit into a specific category and will help you understand where you need to improve as an athlete and how that information translates into the overall improvement of your baseball game.

Scroll over each icon to learn more about our tests and why we select them.

BF_Home2FirstAcceleration BF_Shuttle_2Straight Line Speed
BF_60yrdDashAgility BF_BroadJumpExplosion
BF_GripStrength BF_ExitVeloBaserunning
BF_ArmStrengthThrowing BF_ArmStrengthHitting

Once I am evaluated, what’s next?

Your assigned Player Development Coordinator will follow up with detailed information of your results that will help you get the most out of your game in the future, as well as important next steps based on your personal evaluation.

Each player’s path is different; however our National Team and National Training events are designed to segment players based on their Baseball SAT score into the specific events that will help them the most.

The Baseball SAT comes to your town just one time this year! Join the tens of thousands of great players before you and start your journey to greatness!

The time to improve is now! Register today to be included in the online State and National Rankings on our SAT Top Performers page!

More information on 2019 events – Coming Soon!

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