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Advanced College Recruiting Programs

Get Promoted. Find The Right Fit

Our College Baseball consulting and promotional programs feature our team of academic advisors, baseball consultants and player development specialists who are here to help you achieve your goal of playing college baseball.

What is the “DEAD PERIOD” and how does it being extended impact player recruiting?

College coaches cannot watch players in person at a tournament or showcase for the rest of July and all of August.

So how do you get the attention of a college coach and get recruited if they cannot recruit you in person?

We have 3 programs to help you jump to the “front of the line” and into the clear view of college coaches. Factory Connection, Factory Push and All-in Recruiting are unique programs that allow you to take advantage of our 26 years of experience, college coaching contacts and our ability to guide and match you with the “right” programs.

With many of you at different stages in the recruiting process we are offering these special packages to meet your specific needs.

You qualify for the following packages based on your evaluation:

  • Factory Connection – Personalized College List – $299
    • For players who want help targeting the “right” schools, including knowing which college programs may need your position. Our Factory connections, network and college coach database allow us to give you feedback that is often difficult to find anywhere else. We will help you to build your college list complete with safety, middle and reach schools. Academics, size of school, location, cost and other factors will be discussed and woven into the list of schools generated. This package includes a consultation with our recruiting specialist and a follow up list of schools.
  • ★ Factory Push – College Promotion – $499
    • For players who have a good idea where they match but need an extra push and want to take advantage of our contacts and connections. We help promote you and map out a follow-up plan that includes the right e-mail package being sent to college coaches. This also includes player video review to make sure your video is “recruitable” There is video and then there is “Recruitable video”. We will make sure your video accentuates your strengths and shows you in the best light based upon what we know college coaches are looking for. This package includes 2 consultations with our recruiting specialists, including “Factory Push” e-mails going out from Factory recruiting specialists to targeted schools and follow up plan of promotion for the player.
  • All-In Recruiting – $799
    • This program includes both the “Factory Connection” and “Factory Push” College Promotion. This is for players and families who want help with both finding the right match, and also want help with college promotion. Players in this program can also take advantage of attending additional College Recruiting video sessions in their respective regions to make sure video is “recruitable” and metrics are updated. This package includes 3 consultations with our recruiting specialists including our academic advisor who can advise on applications, early decision vs regular decision and what college admissions teams are looking for in a student-athlete.



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  • The Baseball Factory, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Baseball Club in Columbia, MD