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Game Time Pressure Training
Powered by Baseball Factory

The leaders in player development for the last two decades have created the award-winning Game Time Pressure Training App, designed to help players overcome game-time stressors and better transfer their skills from practice to a real-game situation.

The award-winning GTP Training App, powered by Baseball Factory is now available for FREE.

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We’ve Translated Science Into Action

Game Time Pressure Training (GTP Training) incorporates real-game demands into training, allowing for a player to better transfer his skills from practice to a real-game situation.

In a continuing effort to revolutionize the player development industry and help more kids reach their full potential, Steve Sclafani has recently worked with the renowned Dr. James Driskell to research and author “Stressors in Youth Batting Performance” and “Game Time Pressure Training Handbook.” 

Both publications have been ground breaking in showing not only how stress and pressure affect performance, but the way players can train to overcome these stressors and be more successful. In addition, Sclafani and Driskell authored “Reducing the Effects of Game Day Pressures through Stress Training” published in the Journal of Sport Psychology in Action.

The chief components of GTP are: Vision, Balance and Hitting Practice

That’s because we’ve learned to be successful as a hitter, components such as balance and vision are essential cornerstones. These categories are also the first thing to go when we feel the pressure of a real-game situation.

By practicing and learning how to deal with stressors such as noise, task overload, performance pressure, competitive demands and time pressure, we are allowing players to get the most out of their ability during a real game.

Now, with this FREE app, Baseball Factory brings the science and skill training that we’ve perfected to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch so you can train at home or on the field.


Game Time Pressure Training App Features:

  •        Test your skills in Vision, Hitting and Balance in a simulated pressure environment
  •        Record your own sounds to integrate into the game
  •        Create and share your own Baseball Card with friends
  •        Track progress over time
  •        Compete against friends and players from around the world
  •        Get Coaching Tips from our team of GTP experts
  •        Find out when Baseball Factory is coming to your town

Want to learn more about the science behind Game Time Pressure Training?

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Find out how the GTP Training App works!

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  • Where do I find the app?

    Click here, or go to the iTunes Store on your computer or iOS device to download it.

  • Do I have to have an iOS device?

    Yes. Unfortunately, GTP Training is not yet available on Android or other non-iOS platforms.

  • Do I need the volume on?

    Yes. GTP Training includes sounds designed to create distractions in order to better help you learn how to maintain your composure and perform better under pressure. Headphones are recommended for the best user experience.

  • How do I use the App?

    From the HOME screen, click the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner. Then select “Tutorial” for quick tips on how to use the App.

  • How do I follow the progress of my friends and teammates?

    Click on “My Card” and look for the “Add Friends” icon in the upper right corner. You can search for your friends by email address, or, if you are logged into Facebook, by name.

  • How do I edit my player card?

    Click on “My Card” and tap on the “Edit Card” icon in the upper left corner. You can edit your birthday, State, position and image.

  • How do I record my own sounds?

    From the HOME screen, click the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner. Then click on “Record Audio” and then “Record New Audio”. Just select the person, tap “Start Recording” to get started and “Stop Recording” when finished. Then, click “Upload”. You’ll start to hear these sounds mixed in with ours as you progress.

  • Where can I find the videos?

    Tap the “Coaching” button to see video tips on GTP, Hitting, Vision and Balance. Our tips are mixed in with performance videos from Baseball Factory Alumni. You can earn an extra 100 points the first time you watch any video.

  • Where can I find Baseball Factory events in my town?

    Tap the “Events” button. The menu will be pre-populated for your age and state – just tap “See Events” for upcoming Under Armour Baseball Factory National Tryouts located near you. Check back often as we are often adding new events.

  • What’s the GTP Quiz, and why should I take it?

    The GTP Quiz helps you measure how aware you are of the elements that can cause stress and decrease performance, and how they impact your game. You should test yourself at least once per month in order to understand how the GTP Training App is helping you manage these stressors. You can find the GTP Quiz by tapping “Coaching” and selecting “GTP Quiz”.

  • How much is the App?

    The GTP Training App is Free. There are no in-App purchases or enhanced products sold through the App. We have developed this to help you become a better baseball player when it counts the most – under real Game Time Pressure.

  • What if I get through all the levels?

    The GTP Training App is designed to be used for an extended period of time. You should never run out of levels to complete.

  • What if I have a question or a problem?

    Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with an answer within 48 hours.

  • What if I forget my password?

    At this point, we do not have an option to reset your password, so choose something easy to remember.



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