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Major League Mindset
w/ Brandon Guyer

The Mission of MLM: Positively impact as many players’ lives as possible by empowering them with a mindset that helps them consistently show up as the best version of themselves, on and off the field.

The Major League Mindset program is an 8-week online course where Brandon goes over skills and tools that will take your confidence, mental toughness, and focus to a whole new level. Class VI will meet LIVE on Thursdays at 8PM EST!

Class VI starts Thursday, August 3rd!

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If your son or daughter loves the game and is being held back by their mindset, then you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity featuring former big leaguer Brandon Guyer! Brandon recently retired after playing professional baseball for 15 years, including 7 years in the MLB and made it as far as the World Series. He used these mental skills to catapult himself from being a middle of the pack player in high school, to receiving a D1 scholarship, getting drafted and moving his way all the way up to play in the major leagues. All of this was possible by creating a system to help strengthen his mental game!

Great news here is that Brandon wants to share that with you through the Major League Mindset Program! This program is 100% based on his real-world experience playing at the highest level for close to a decade, with systems and techniques he has learned from the best mental and physical skills coaches in the world.

What to expect: A proven system for Baseball and Softball players of all ages who want to gain more confidence, get recognized by coaches and scouts, and excel on and off the field.

What you will get out of the 8 week course:

· Be able to create confidence whenever you need it, instead of relying on results for confidence

· Have more fun as you play free and loose, and consistently skyrocket your performance in games, showcases and tryouts.

· Be better equipped to handle all of the failure and adversity that is built into baseball and softball (and life!)…less of an emotional roller coaster ride!

· Overcome any fears you may have such as: the fear of failure, of making a mistake, of being embarrassed, etc. (Fear is #1 root problem for all players)

· Have set Pre-game, In-Game, and Post-Game performance routines that will stack the odds in your favor, make you a machine of consistency, and help you quickly bounce back from an error, bad call, or poor performance

· Slow the game and your mind down so that you can become the clutch player who comes through in high-pressure situations

· Unlock yourself so that you can free and loose, and shine in games just like you do in practice

· Become the BEST version of yourself ON and OFF the field, and put yourself in the BEST position to succeed every.single.pitch.

· Consistently stand out to High School, College and Professional Coaches

· Close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Higher highs and higher lows…ON and OFF the field.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to take your game to the next level with one of the best! See below for what fellow Factory Athletics members had to say about the Major League Mindset Course!


MLM Milestones


Cameron Lane (14 yr old IF/P)

“I feel very lucky to have participated in the MLM program. On the field, the program has helped me take my time at the plate, slow down the game, and be way more relaxed, which has led to me having the most confidence I’ve ever had. Off the field, I’ve become more patient which has made me a better friend, son, teammate, and I find myself wanting to spend more time with family and friends. Thank you for all that you’ve helped me with.”


Gianni Caltigirone (Class of 2024)

“The Major League Mindset program will forever be a life changing event for me. All throughout my career I have been told the physical talent has been there, but my mental capacity to deal with failure has not. Responding to adversity with powerful confidence has also been absent as my career has progressed. Brandon Guyer, the founder of MLM, has given me the tools to surpass my mental flaws. Through creating greater habits, proper routines, and training my mind, I can confidently say that I am excited and prepared for the future that the game of baseball has to offer. Taking the knowledge that Brandon provided throughout the eight lesson program and applying it to the game has put my mind at ease knowing that I am the player that I am. For me the most beneficial take away from MLM is the fact that the concepts taught within are applicable to life outside of baseball. I found that the more I applied ideas such as antifragile confidence towards non-baseball related activities, the more I felt happy with my progress as a person. As stated, I now dream of a bright future knowing that my mental strength has been tuned up, and sent out into the world with Areté. Thank you Brandon and bring it on!”


Jack Singer

“The MLM program was really beneficial to my play. My first time back after injury went great and I felt this was the reason. Controlling the controllables and doing what I said I would do have really helped. The big one for me was learning how to calm my mind and flush away negativity so that I can stay in the moment and forget about previous mistakes. Because of this program I have become more competitive in everything I do, while knowing that if I don’t have success, it’s all about Iearning from it instead of getting mad or giving up.”

Matthew Bishop

“What the Major League Mindset program has done for me is help me deal with failure a lot better on and off the field. I now have a strong mindset as a 6th tool to enhance my game and give me a competitive edge against my competition.”

Christian Ahn

“MLM has been amazing. It’s crazy to think how much a simple breath can change the way you think and feel. Everything Coach Guyer taught me including breath work, visualization, having antifragile confidence, and pre pitch routines have helped so much. Everyday I am striving to become the next best version of myself on and off the field by doing a little, a lot, all thanks to Coach Guyer! I really loved the program and the cool infographics.”

Jacob Reineking

“This program has helped me so much on and off the field. The breathing and flip the switch routine helped me stay focused and relaxed during the game. Just knowing that I can now deal with the failure in the game helps me close the gap and play my best. The special guests were great too. I have taken away so much from this program, I don’t even know how to say it.”

Thomas Guy

“The Major League Mindset program helped me gain more confidence up at the plate and really helped to control my emotions. I now understand that if I’m struggling, it’s all about accepting it and noticing the little achievements that are being made.”

Trevor Fishman

“Major League Mindset was very good and ran well. It really helped me stay within myself and use my breath to slow the game down. I realized the importance of controlling the controllables, knowing that I cannot control anyone else.”

Logan Newby

“The MLM program taught me how to utilize my breath in different situations and helped get me closer to becoming antifragile and the best version of myself. One of the main things I took away is that it’s not supposed to be easy and that failing is not bad, so don’t be afraid of it or avoid it.”

Jason Schein (Father of Jackson Schein)

“Jackson really, really enjoyed and benefited from the MLM program. It has undoubtedly helped him in every aspect of his life. What Coach Brandon covers during the 8-weeks are all the same kinds of things we talk to him about, but of course it means more coming from a Major Leaguer. And, every time Brandon would say things like “backed by science”, or “science tells us”, that makes our science-loving family very happy!”

Zak Stear

Being aware of and controlling my breath has probably helped me the most so far. Being on a new team with new coaches, teammates, and even in a new position stressed me out sometimes. But using my breath work and positive self talk I’ve managed to basically convince myself this is a challenge for me to conquer. I look forward to every time I get to step foot in that new spot, whereas maybe even 2-3 months ago I would dread the idea of it. I was even a little disappointed when I was told I would be starting in my old spot for a game. I was looking forward to the challenge and I was looking forward to proving I was the best on the field no matter where I was playing. If you told me 3 months ago I would be an everyday 3rd baseman and I would actually enjoy it, I would’ve called you crazy. As a primary middle infielder I’ve never liked playing 3rd. I was actually scared of playing 3rd. The few times I’ve played there I was uncomfortable and my mind would speed up on me. The MLM program taught me ways to completely transform my approach to things, turning situations I feared into ones I look forward to.


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