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Testimonials from parents of players attending Mac Seibert’s camps

“…I just wanted to let you know what a great camp Mac Seibert runs. Mac truly runs a “camp”, and the one on one training was fantastic.  The attention to detail with the boys was amazing.  They all received a lot of great instruction and reps, the pitcher/catcher ratio was just right. My son has been to quite a few of the college camps but this far and away exceeded all previous camps.

Mac was able to sit these boys down and really get their attention in the meetings that he had re: “What Scouts Look For” and “Mental Approach to Pitching/Catching a Game”.  He didn’t sugar coat it, he told them that if they were serious about playing college ball and/or pro ball this is what they had to do both on and off the field.  Mac let them know that coaches and scouts look at more than just being a great high school player…very informative. I highly recommend this for any boy interested in becoming a student of the game from a pitching or catching position…”

“We just returned from Mac’s clinic in Pensacola and I can best summarize by saying, ‘Wow!’ This experience exceeded my expectations by a significant amount.

It is a combination of things that made this weekend remarkable, but the key is Mac. He is an impressive individual in several ways and, as a parent, I like the messages he conveyed during the lectures. I can tell from speaking with Reid on the way home that Reid is impressed with Mac and the PJC Coach also. The tip Mac gave my son today added movement to his fastball, and that excited all of us.  We will chart ‘firsts’ as Mac suggested, we will revisit notes from Mac’s lecture about the 3 types of hitters, etc. It was a great session.”

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