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Under Armour
All-America Baseball

This is the definitive gathering of baseball elite. The Under Armour All-America Game –powered by Baseball Factory– emanates from iconic Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois.

Want to be considered for the 2020 game? Your path starts at an Under Armour Baseball Factory National Tryout.

July 22, 2019

Wrigley Field | Chicago, IL

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Under Armour
All-America Game

The country’s best collection of top high school prospects converges on the historic confines of Wrigley Field for a weekend of intense competition, instruction and national exposure.

Under Armour All-Americans are selected by a committee of Baseball Factory scouts and compete in an American vs. National team match-up. The All-America Baseball Game is the culmination of a four-day premier baseball experience, highlighted by a formal workout for Major League Baseball (MLB) scouts and a home run derby, all while under the tutelage of some of the game’s best players and coaches.

Since the game’s inception in 2008, 365 of the 399 draft eligible players from the Under Armour All-America Game have been selected in the MLB Amateur Draft including 108 first round picks.

Former Under Armour All-Americans selected in the 2019 draft includeBobby Witt, Jr. (2017 & 2018 Under Armour All-America Game | 2019 No. 2 Overall Pick, Kansas City Royals); Riley Greene (2018 Under Armour All-America Game | 2019 No. 5 Overall Pick, Detroit Tigers); CJ Abrams (2018 Under Armour All-America Game | 2019 No. 6 Overall Pick, San Diego Padres); Hunter Bishop ( Arizona State | 2015 Under Armour All-America Game | 2019 No. 10 Overall Pick, San Francisco Giants); Alek Manoah (2015 Under Armour All-America Game | 2019 No. 11 Overall Pick, Toronto Blue Jays); Corbin Carroll (2018 Under Armour All-America Game | 2019 No. 16 Overall Pick, Arizona Diamondbacks); Quinn Priester (2018 Under Armour All-America Game | 2019 No. 18 Overall Pick, Pittsburgh Pirates); Daniel Espino (2018 Under Armour All-America Game | 2019 No. 24 Overall Pick, Cleveland Indians); Anthony Volpe (2018 Under Armour All-America Game | 2019 No. 30 Overall Pick, New York Yankees); Brennan Malone (2018 Under Armour All-America Game | 2019 No. 33 Overall Pick, Arizona Diamondbacks);

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Meet the Players

11 Years at Wrigley Field
365 Under Armour All-Americans Drafted
108 First Round Picks

Past Under Armour All-America Rosters

2013 Under Armour All-America National Roster

  • Dazmon Cameron - OF
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    National League

    Dazmon Cameron, OF

    McDonough, GA, 2015
    • HT/WT: 6'1/184
    • High School: Eagle's Landing Christian
    • College Commitment:

    At the plate, he has an advanced, rhythmic approach with lightning quick hands. His path is direct and level and the bat speed generated leads to present power with even more to come in the future. Daz has an outstanding ability to find the barrel consistently and can handle both velocity and off-speed stuff very well for a young hitter." After reaching the HR derby final eight in the morning at Wrigley, he walked and stole a base in five trips. Defensively, he moved easy with compact actions and a quick first step. All signs point to Daz holding down CF at the highest level.

  • Darius Day - OF
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    National League

    Darius Day, OF

    Chicago, IL, 2014
    • HT/WT: 5'11''/180
    • High School: Simeon Career Academy
    • College Commitment: University of Arizona

    Darius hit leadoff and started in CF at Wrigley Field in his hometown of Chicago. He reached base twice in four plate appearances, once with a single and once on a walk (a great at bat against hard throwing RHP Tyler Kolek). In addition, he stole a base, scored a run and drove in a run. His left handed stroke is short and quick, and he maintains great balance and body control - which allows him to deliver the good part of the barrel to contact consistently. He grew on me more than anyone at this event, which I think just means I was slow to appreciate all the things he can do. He played all three OF spots, and a case could be made for him at each. He throws well, moves quick and easy, and has the speed to cover ground.

  • Luke Dykstra - IF
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    National League

    Luke Dykstra, IF

    ThousandOaks, CA, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'1''/190
    • High School: Westlake
    • College Commitment: California State University - Fresno

    Luke has present raw power, and he looks like he is going to get bigger and stronger - meaning he stands to gain even more. When he barreled it up, the ball flew off his bat with as much life as anyone. There are some things that can be cleaned up in his stroke, but the core ability of getting the barrel to good pitches in game at bats appears to be in place. He walked, singled and flew out to CF in three trips - both balls he put in play were hit on the nose back up the middle, and both were on breaking balls. His hands work fine defensively, and he moves like an athlete to the ball and showed body control on the slow roller play. His arm action is compact and he can make throws from the left side of the infield. I'd say he outgrows MIF and finds a home on a corner, where I think he has enough power to stick.

  • Joe Gatto - RHP
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    National League

    Joe Gatto, RHP

    Hammonton, NJ, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'5/215
    • High School: St. Augustine Prep
    • College Commitment: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    The most physical at present of all the pitchers at the 2013 Under Armour All-America Game, Joe stands at 6-foot-5 and 215 pounds with long features and room to fill out even more. He showed a solid four pitch mix, including a fastball that topped at 93 and sat around 90. His curve has downward action near 12-6 in the low 70s, and he also throws a low 80s slider with more tilt. His change was 84 with fastball arm action and arm speed. In this outing, he didn't have the same fastball life or command I've seen in the past. He walked one and gave up four hits, none of which were that solid - but they found the outfield grass in any case.

  • Nelson Gomez - IF
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    National League

    Nelson Gomez, IF

    Puerto Plata, DR, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'2''/195
    • High School:
    • College Commitment:

    Nelson has a solid, strong build at 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds. He fits a corner profile with his raw power and arm strength. He generates power from a combination of bat speed and torque, he rotates hard through contact allowing him to whip the bat through the zone. Defensively, his feet and hands were solid and his release was quick when necessary. He showed plenty of arm strength to carry long throws across the infield from third base.

  • Nicholas Gordon - IF & RHP
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    National League

    Nicholas Gordon, IF & RHP

    Windermere, FL, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'1''/165
    • High School: Olympia
    • College Commitment: Florida State University

    If there is a better baseball player in the country than Nick, I haven't seen him. He is able to use his hitting and fielding tools at an amazingly high level, such that the game appears to come very easily to him. I can't think of a better quality for an everyday player than that, and it's the only reason I need to like him better here than on the mound. He didn't pitch in Chicago, but I've seen him before up to 91 with a quality downer breaking ball. The bloodlines are there, but he is just too good of a player for me to pass on having him in the lineup everyday in the middle of the field. For easily the best position player line of the game, he collected three hits in four at bats, drove in two runs, stole a base and scored a run.

  • Foster Griffin - LHP
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    National League

    Foster Griffin, LHP

    Orlando, FL, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'4''/200
    • High School: The First Academy
    • College Commitment: University of Mississippi

    Foster is to me like a left handed version of Cobi Johnson, in that you need to see him in longer outings to fully appreciate what he can do. His stuff is impressive even in a short look, but like most guys with command and a quality three pitch mix - it doesn't always jump right out in one inning. He topped at 91 after starting out most 87-88. He walked one, but picked him off shortly after - and that was when his velocity jumped, started to sit 90 after that and touched the 91. He relied mostly on his fastball, and also threw a low 70s curve and a mid 80s change. He struck out one, walked one and allowed no runs in one inning of work.

  • Grant Holmes - RHP
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    National League

    Grant Holmes, RHP

    Conway, SC, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'2''/200
    • High School:
    • College Commitment: University of Florida

    Grant was one of four pitchers to reach at least 95 on gameday. He touched it a couple of times actually, and sat around 92. He pitched a scoreless ninth inning to keep his team just one run down with a chance to tie or go ahead in the bottom half. He allowed one hit, struck out one and walked one. Most people like him as a two pitch guy that eventually finds his way to a late inning bullpen role, his stuff is that good. To go with his low to mid 90s fastball, he spins an excellent breaking ball in the low to mid 80s. The best ones I saw today were 81, with late and sharp action. He has feel for both pitches, and is aggressive to the zone with both.

  • Michael Kopech - RHP
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    National League

    Michael Kopech, RHP

    Mount Pleasant, TX, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'4''/195
    • High School: Mount Pleasant
    • College Commitment: University of Arizona

    A lot of the buzz during the game and immediately after was about Michael's outing. Not only did he strike out the side, but he made three very talented hitters look silly in the process. This was an especially important outing for him, coming on the heels of a couple of recent performances that didn't meet his expectations. This time out, he was stellar. His fastball topped at 93, but he didn't use it that much. He relied heavily on his slider, which he had excellent feel for. The best ones were 78-79 with big action across the zone and down. He backed of some down into the lower 70s earlier in counts, but went back to the harder and shorter version as his out pitch. If you blinked one too many times while he was on the mound, you missed a lot. He worked quick, attacked the zone, and made short work of the three hitters he faced.

  • Corbin Martin - OF
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    National League

    Corbin Martin, OF

    Cypress, TX, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'3''/185
    • High School: Cypress Ranch
    • College Commitment: Texas A&M University

    Corbin reached base twice in five trips to the plate, each time on a walk, and scored once. He featured a calm, easy demeanor in the batters box. In BP, he showed a loose swing and worked the barrel through the zone on a level plane. His move was simple and repeatable, adn showed flashes of power to the pull side that should become more frequent as he fills out his long and lean frame. From the OF, the ball left his hand with life after a quick arm stroke. He profiles best in the OF, but also played some 1B for us and was solid there.

  • Micah Miniard - RHP
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    National League

    Micah Miniard, RHP

    Danville, KY, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'7''/205
    • High School: Boyle County
    • College Commitment: Western Kentucky University

    At 6-foot-7, Micah was the tallest of the 2013 Under Armour All-Americans - and was one of three at least 6'6". When a need arose, he picked up an extra inning of work - bringing his line to three strikouts, two walks, one hit and no runs allowed in two frames. He topped at 92 and pitched right around 90 with run and sink - especially when down in the zone. He moved his fastball in and out well, and pitched off of it very nicely with a sharp slider into the low 80s. I saw a couple plus, and one with devastating action at 82. His combination of stuff and command was impressive over two innings of work.

  • Alexis Pantoja - IF
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    National League

    Alexis Pantoja, IF

    Vega Alta, PR, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'0''/155
    • High School: Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
    • College Commitment:

    Alexis may not be as physical as some other guys yet, but he has advanced defensive skills and the makings of a quality left handed stroke. As he matures and fills out, he is going to pass a lot of people by. His hands are soft, and his exchange is clean and quick. His feet work well and he stays down low with the ball. His arm fits better on the 2B side now, but his catch and throw skills allow him to play both sides of the bag. His left handed stroke was simple and repeatable, and worked through the zone flat - allowing him to produce line drives from gap to gap. Though he didn't record any hits this game, he stood in well against some of the toughest breaking stuff of the day, including a devastating slider from Alex Lange.

  • Alexander Parades - OF
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    National League

    Alexander Parades, OF

    La Romana, DR, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'2''/170
    • High School:
    • College Commitment:

    I'll be honest, my jaw was on the turf after watching Alexander play catch at UIC on Thursday. The ball flew out of his hand unlike many I've seen, and with such a pretty stroke and so little effort. When he cut it loose the next day during the workout, it was even more impressive. I'd recommend you make it a point to go see he and Michael Gettys throw from the OF. At the plate, his stroke was loose and fluid. He showed quickness in his hands along with the ability to accelerate the barrel, this from a player that doesn't turn 16 until the end of September. For the day, he scored a run and drove in a run in four trips to the plate.

  • David Peterson - LHP
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    National League

    David Peterson, LHP

    Denver, CO, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'6/205
    • High School: Regis Jesuit
    • College Commitment: University of Oregon

    David stands at 6-foot-6, and is a very good athlete - making him a rarity in more than one way. He is able to get off the mound very well to field his position, which is especially valuable in a guy with the type stuff to induce a lot of ground balls. He pitches from a three quarters arm slot, which gives his fastball tail and sink into the low 90s. He also features an upper 70s change with action similiar to his fastball, and two types of breaking ball - one in the upper 70s and a slower version in the lower 70s. He struckout one, walked one, and allowed one hit in an inning of work.

  • Gilberto Rodriguez - C
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    National League

    Gilberto Rodriguez, C

    Juncos, PR, 2014
    • HT/WT: 5'10''/180
    • High School: Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
    • College Commitment: Miami Dade College

    "Jun" sits beautifully behind the plate, and has an advanced and well rounded set of defensive skills. He received with soft and strong hands, and blocked several balls nicely in the dirt with runners at third base. His catch and throw skills are standout, not only noticable in his mid to upper 1.8 pop times, but also in the consistent accuracy of his throws. He singled to LF from the left side of the plate, and hit two balls on the nose right handed - both for fly outs, one of which was a sac fly to CF. Strength is a big part of his swing from both sides of the plate, especially from his hands and wrists. The ball gets off the bat well from a short and compact move. There is more in the tank too, he has room to improve his extension to unlock more consistent contact and power.

  • Touki Toussaint - RHP & IF
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    National League

    Touki Toussaint, RHP & IF

    Coral Springs, FL, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'2/190
    • High School: Coral Springs Christian
    • College Commitment: Vanderbilt University

    Like Grant Holmes, Touki also touched 95 with his fastball this outing. He goes about it in a different way however, with more arm speed and looseness than the power type stuff we see from Holmes. At times, Touki will show "video game" or "electric" type stuff. We just don't normally see that life and depth in real life that often, he is truly a special talent. His breaking ball has 11 to 5 shape in the mid 70s, with knee buckling depth - it is one of the better breaking balls in the entire class. He also threw a cutter or slider 85-87, and sat in the low 90s with his fastball. He walked one and allowed no runs in a scoreless first inning of work.

  • Chase Vallot - C
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    National League

    Chase Vallot, C

    Youngsville, LA, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'0''/205
    • High School: St. Thomas More
    • College Commitment: Mississippi State University

    While some are on the fence with Chase behind the plate, I'm all in. He has a plus arm for me, has the catch and throw skills to post times in the low 1.9 range, and he blocks very well. The receiving skills can come with time, they are easier to pickup than the throw and block skills he already has in place. The bat is the ticket anyway, he can flat out hit. He drove the ball to the opposite field with ease, and for that matter he drove the ball all over the ballpark thanks to a combination of bat speed, leverage and and strength. The ball sounds different off his bat, consistently more solid and louder than most. He reached base twice in five plate appearances, including a single and a walk, and he scored two of the National team's seven runs.

  • Alex Verdugo - LHP & OF
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    National League

    Alex Verdugo, LHP & OF

    Tucson, AZ, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'1/200
    • High School: Sahuaro
    • College Commitment: Arizona State University

    In the process of bringing home team MVP honors, Alex allowed no runs on no hits and punched out one in his inning of work. He combined that solid inning of work with an opposite field double, solifiying his reputation as one of the top two-way players in the country. On the mound, he reached 94 with his fastball and flashed a slider with depth at 79. His arm works well from the glove, and he gets great extension out front - allowing him to aggressively finish his pitches out over his front knee. At 6-foot-1 and 200 pounds, he has an athletic build with room to fill out. It will be interesting to see whether he develops into a position player or a pitcher in the future.

2013 Under Armour All-America American Roster

  • Dylan Cease - RHP & SS
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    American League

    Dylan Cease, RHP & SS

    Milton, GA, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'2''/180
    • High School: Milton
    • College Commitment: Vanderbilt University

    On Thursday, in the gym during the instructional clinic the players did for local youth teams, Dylan was effortlessly dunking a baseball during breaks while the groups rotated. It was in impressive display of pure athletic ability. This goes a long way to explain how he generates mid to upper 90s velocity. His delivery is athletic and fluid, and his arm works with looseness back and through. The ball gets out of his hand with great life, allowing for electric stuff at times. He topped at 97 witt the fastball, and spun a low to mid 70s breaking ball. I also saw a change at 80. He started the game for the American team, and notched a scoreless first inning in which he allowed no hits, no walks and struck out one. While his fastball was as impressive as I've seen, he didn't show the knockout breaking ball today - just didn't get out in front with it enough.

  • Gregory Deichmann - IF
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    American League

    Gregory Deichmann, IF

    Metairie, LA, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'2''/185
    • High School: Brother Martin
    • College Commitment: Louisiana State University (LSU)

    Coming into Chicago, I think most of us had a story about a ball we saw Gregory hit somewhere. We didn't see any prodigous home runs from him here, but the source of the power was clear. He has very quick hands to hit, and he uses the leverage in his long and lean frame well to drive the ball. He went one for three and scored once on the day, with a single and a walk. Defensively, he played 3B and 2B for us. I think a lot of people like him as an offensive 2B from the Chase Utley mold in the future, myself included. Everything works fine defensively, and he has quickness and body control to work with. His arm is solid, allowing him to make the throws across the infield from 3B and to turn the double play from 2B.

  • Stone Garrett - OF
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    American League

    Stone Garrett, OF

    Sugar Land, TX, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'2''/185
    • High School: George Ranch
    • College Commitment: Rice University

    Stone scored once and collected two hits in four trips to the plate, including a bouncing single to left and a one hop line drive off the third baseman. His present strength is easily noticable, and his short, quick stroke is well suited for consistent contact. He uses his strong hands and wrists to deliver the barrel quickly to the zone, allowing him to handle velocity well. He played all three outfield spots during the game after starting as the DH. His future appears to be in either LF or CF, he is an excellent runner with a solid arm.

  • Jacob Gatewood - IF & RHP
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    American League

    Jacob Gatewood, IF & RHP

    Clovis, CA, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'5''/190
    • High School: Clovis
    • College Commitment: University of Southern California

    Not sure where start with Jacob, so I'll just go in the order we saw things in Chicago. On workout day, he was more impressive defensively than with the bat. I knew he could throw, but I didn't know he could throw like that - his arm for me is in the same conversation with Gettys and Paredes (both OF). His hands were soft as well, and his actions were fluid and athletic. The Manny Machado comp is appropriate here, he is a special talent. The offensive fireworks began Saturday morning in BP, and were on full display in the home run derby. The ball was flying off his bat, it truly was an impressive display of power. He launched balls easily over the bleachers and onto Waveland Ave, thanks to a combination of bat speed and leverage. Once the game started, he doubled and drove in a run in five at bats.

  • Michael Gettys - OF & RHP
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    American League

    Michael Gettys, OF & RHP

    Gainesville, GA, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'2''/205
    • High School: Gainesville
    • College Commitment: University of Georgia

    Michael started the game in CF, and hit in the two slot. He reached base twice in five trips to the plate, stole two bags and notched one run batted in. On workout day, he showed bat speed and the ability to drive the ball - especially in the home run derby qualifier. He showed much of the same on Saturday morning in the derby finals, with several shots out onto Waveland Avenue. His arm was the tops at the event for me, I had it right on with Alexander Paredes (National team OF) and easily above avg on the ML 20-80 scale.

  • Monte Harrison - OF
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    American League

    Monte Harrison, OF

    Lee's Summit, MO, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'3''/200
    • High School: Lee's Summit West
    • College Commitment: University of Nebraska

    Though Monte' arrived Thursday night late, and pretty much directly from the football field, it didn't appear to slow him down at all. He showed the same OF arm strength we've seen now a few times, the ball gets out of his hand easy and carries on line well. During BP, he again featured quick and strong hands to hit. He was aggressive early in the count, and barreled up three balls during the game - most notably a scorching line drive up the middle that help up too long and was caught by Daz Cameron in CF. He saw some of the best breaking stuff of the day in his later at bats - first a filthy slider from Michael Kopech, and later another one from Grant Holmes.

  • Sam Hentges - LHP & 1B
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    American League

    Sam Hentges, LHP & 1B

    Shoreview, MN, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'6''/240
    • High School: Mounds View
    • College Commitment: University of Arkansas

    There are simply not that many people walking around at 6-foot-6 and 240 pounds, and especially not many with athletic ability and body control. Sam showed both of those things in a bullpen session Thursday, and again on Friday defensively at 1B where he moved well and showed soft hands. He pitched between 85 and 88 with his fastball, and he got that easily with more leverage than arm speed. His breaking ball had downward break with tilt, and like his fastball it came out of his hand from a high release point and with great downward angle. The delivery is fluid and his arm works, he is just scratching the surface of his potential on the mound. He struck out two and allowed one hit in an inning of work.

  • Grant Hockin - RHP
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    American League

    Grant Hockin, RHP

    Pomona, CA, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'3''/192
    • High School: Damien
    • College Commitment: University of California - Los Angeles - UCLA

    Grant pitched two scoreless frames to record the save and preserve the victory for American. He allowed two hits, walked none and punched out three. In the process, he took home MVP honors for the American team as well. He topped at 91, and pitched right around there at 89-90. He got it easily, and was able to command the fastball in and out. The delivery is fluid and under control, making it easy to see why he has command. He commanded his breaking ball as well, it was between 78 and 82 depending on what he was trying to do with it. It, like his fastball, is a usable pitch that he has command of.

  • Alex Jackson - C & OF
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    American League

    Alex Jackson, C & OF

    Escondido, CA, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'2''/215
    • High School: Rancho Bernardo
    • College Commitment: University of Oregon

    The first and only two time Under Armour All Ameican to this point, Alex is an extremely talented offensive player with versatile defensive ability. He combines hitting ability with raw power as well as or better than anyone else in the class. The necessary components of both tools are in place - balance, bat speed, strength - as are ones that make him advanced - rhythm to hit, pitch recognition skills, and plate discipline. He walked, stole a base and scored a run in five trips to the plate. A catcher by trade, he is an instinctual player with the reflexes to play 3B and the athletic ability to play OF. He is the rare "baseball player" with tools, the type tools that should land him in the middle of a batting order at a premium position.

  • Cobi Johnson - RHP
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    American League

    Cobi Johnson, RHP

    Holiday, FL, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'4''/180
    • High School: James W. Mitchell
    • College Commitment: Florida State University

    It takes more than just one inning to appreciate what Cobi can do. That could be said for many guys, but I think this is epecially true here. He was 88-92 with his fastball, and spun a tight 12-6 breaking ball in the mid to upper 70s. He allowed one hit and walked one in his inning of work. In previous outings, he stood out with a combination of stuff, command and feel to pitch. He has a usable low 80s change as well, giving him three pitches with potential to be plus. The element of deception is in play for him as well.His shoulders are closed and then his glove side arm works up and over - both hide the window where the hitter is looking to first pick up the ball.

  • Ryan Johnson - OF & 1B
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    American League

    Ryan Johnson, OF & 1B

    College Station, TX, 2015
    • HT/WT: 6'3''/200
    • High School: College Station
    • College Commitment: Texas Christian University

    Although he is only a 2015 graduate, Ryan was one of the most impressive offensive performers at the event. His left handed stroke is classic. He features rhythm to hit and great balance, along with a fluid and easy move through the zone. He qualified for the home run derby in tough wind conditions for LHH, and then was the only LHH to put a homer on the board during the derby finals Saturday at Wrigley. In four plate appearances during the game, he reached base three times and scored a run. From the OF, his arm worked loose and quick out front allowing the ball to leave his hand with life, and to carry on line to the target.

  • Tyler Kolek - RHP
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    American League

    Tyler Kolek, RHP

    Shepherd, TX, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'5/250
    • High School: Shepherd
    • College Commitment: Texas Christian University

    I can't recall personally seeing more than 97 on the radar gun until I saw Tyler flash 99 several times on the Wrigley Field gun. That is truly rare stuff, guys with that kind of velocity simply don't come around very often. The thing is, it's kind of a regular thing for him - who knows, maybe somebody out there has seen him hit 100? He has an extra large frame at 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds, we initially comped him to Lance Lynn (Cardinals) but I think Brad Penny (13 year big leaguer) works well too.He gets his chest out over his front knee very well, allowing him to push his arm speed out closer to the plate and rotate through it - this is why I think he gets the mid to upper 90s velocity with what looks like such minimal effort. I saw a plus breaking ball at 80, but he primarily went with the fastball this outing. He walked two and struck out one in his inning of work.

  • Alex Lange - RHP
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    American League

    Alex Lange, RHP

    Lee's Summit, MO, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'3''/215
    • High School: Lee's Summit West
    • College Commitment: Louisiana State University (LSU)

    Alex has a solid, strong build at 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds, and featured one of the better breaking balls on the day. He allowed one hit and struck out two in an inning of work. He pitched at 90-91 and touched 92 with his fastball. Like we saw some other guys do, he produced different velocity ranges with his breaking ball depending on what he did with it. The get-me-over version was 75-78 and even it flahsed plus, while the put-away version was 80-82 with serious depth. He buried that pitch on the back foot of left handers especially well. He carries his hands high and gets to his balance point quickly, as long as he stays in sequence he is able to get his release point out front where he can rotate his core to generate arm speed.

  • Milton Ramos - IF
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    American League

    Milton Ramos, IF

    Hialeah Gardens, FL, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'1''/160
    • High School: American Heritage Plantation
    • College Commitment: Florida Atlantic University

    I'd seen Milton a few times prior to Chicago, and I knew his glove was good - but what I saw here was special. He is an amazingly talented defensive player, with off the scale hands and the gift of making even routine plays look spectacular. From both SS and 2B, he made all kinds of plays - including a diving stop out of nowhere up the middle from the 2B side of the bag. His ability to read and pick hops is uncanny, and he throws on the run amazingly well. He walked twice and scored twice in the game, and collected an RBI. His right handed stroke is short and quick, built for line drive and hard ground ball type contact. He's got some rhythm to hit, which allows the higher leg kick stride move to work for him. Add in excellent speed and instincts and the package gets even more interesting, he is a dynamic and talented all around player.

  • William Rios - LHP
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    American League

    William Rios, LHP

    Waterford, CT, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'0''/180
    • High School: St. Bernard
    • College Commitment: Florida SouthWestern State College

    Willie took a line drive off his lower left leg early in his outing, which appeared to cause him trouble the rest of the way. He still showed quality stuff, but his control suffered once he was unable to use his lower half normally. He topped at 92 with his fastball, and showed the same four pitch mix I saw in his bullpen session Thursday. The curve was 72-74, slider was 80-81 and the change was 80-81 as well. He able to make the ball go both ways from his three quarters arm slot, the fastball and change had arm side life, while the curve and slider had varying degrees of action across the zone with some downward action as well.

  • Carson Sands - LHP
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    American League

    Carson Sands, LHP

    Tallahassee, FL, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'4''/205
    • High School: North Florida Christian
    • College Commitment: Florida State University

    Carson was impressive in his Thursday bullpen session, and impressed again in his Saturday game outing. He came in ahead of schedule, with two outs in the fourth instead of to start the fifth as planned - and it didn't seem to phase him at all. He pitched around 889-90 and touched 92, and used what appeared to be two types of breaking ball. One had downward break with tilt in the low 70s, and he showed some with similar shape in the upper 70s also. His delivery was balanced and under control, allowing his arm to work easy and loose from the glove and out front. The ball got out of his hand easy, and his pitches had good down plane from his hand. Through 1.1 innings, he punched out three, walked one and alllowed one hit.

  • Tim Susnara - C
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    American League

    Tim Susnara, C

    Redwood City, CA, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'0''/185
    • High School: St. Francis
    • College Commitment: University of Oregon

    Tim is a line drive spray type hitter with a quick bat. He gets the barrel to contact on a direct route, and gets extension out front through contact. If he fills out and adds strength, I think he will see some power from that part of his stroke - he squares up a lot of balls, and they leave his bat with life. He spun Grant Holmes' cap on a good slider late in the game, kept his hands back and hit a missile line drive single right back up the middle. Defensively, he sat well behind the plate showed arm strength and pop times in the low 1.9 range.

  • Cameron Varga - RHP
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    American League

    Cameron Varga, RHP

    Loveland, OH, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'3/205
    • High School: Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
    • College Commitment: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Cameron is a power pitcher with an outstanding three-pitch mix. His fastball regularly hits the mid 90s and gets on hitters in a hurry. He complements that pitch with a breaking ball that has big, late break and a deceptive change. His fastball and curveball both act as out-pitches for him. Cameron is an outstanding athlete who flashes top of the rotation potential. He is committed to the University of North Carolina. A power pitcher with a fastball in the mid 90s, Cameron has the makings of an outstanding three-pitch mix. Using a deceptive change and late breaking curveball, Cameron is an impressive athlete with top-of-the-rotation potential at the next level. We look forward to his performance in the Under Armour All-America Game this summer.

  • Marcus Wilson - OF
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    American League

    Marcus Wilson, OF

    Los Angeles, CA, 2014
    • HT/WT: 6'2''/175
    • High School: Junipero Serra
    • College Commitment: Arizona State University

    Marcus accounted for much of the American team offensive output. He was on base twice in four plate appearances, he scored two runs and drove in another, and he also stole two bases. He continues to show great hand-eye coordination and a knack for getting the good part of the barrel to contact. He is a gap to gap line drive hitter at present, with potential to develop more power as he physically matures. He played LF and CF, the two OF spots where he fits best. His release is quick and from a shortish arm stroke for the position, but his throws came out well and had life to the target.

The 2019 Under Armour All-Americans come from all across the country!


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