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Youth Skills Challenge Top Performers: Williamsport, PA

Event Location: Williamsport, PA
At each Baseball Factory Youth Skills Challenge our staff will conduct and track the best performers from several different categories including, but not limited to the following:
1. Glove to glove times for all position players (C’s, INF’s, & OF’s) – This is the time from which the ball hits the players glove until it hits the target’s glove. 
2. Top throwing velocity and accuracy for all players.
3. Top exit velocity (not for all events) and line drive drill results for all players
4. Lowest 40 times and home to home times (not for all events). 
*We may end up adding more skills challenges in the future. 
**All mph readings are from a JUGS radar gun. 
Lowest 40 times
5.70- Thomas Brouse
5.73- Zachery Shepard
5.84- Jordan Diaz
5.84- Destin Strauser
Top Velocities (JUGS radar)
69- Thomas Brouse
66- Sam Buck
65- Kyle Peterson
65- Chase Jones
65- Rayne Supple
Top Accuracy (Strikes out of 8 throws)
15- Kyle Peterson
15- Sawyer Rowles
14- Tyler Cowburn 
14- Frankie Prorokovic
Top Catcher G to G Times (H to 2nd)
2.00- Eric Huling
2.03- Curt Yenchik
2.36- Matthew Buss
Top OF G to G Times (RF to H, 180 ft.)
2.83- Damon Demicco 
2.89- Cole Kephart
3.86- Kyle Denning
Top INF G to G Times (SS to 1B, 105 ft.)
1.62- Chase Jones
1.70- Thomas Brouse
1.72- Lewis Williams
Top 1B G to G Times (1B to 2B, 80 ft.)
1.39- Adrian Weber
1.45- Destin Strauser
1.55- Andrew Behnam
Top Exit Velocities (JUGS radar off the bat)
73- Luke Wampler
72- Jacob Ganyer
72- Tucker Widener
Top Line Drives (Balls hit up the middle 1/3, on a line, into a screen – 8 Possible)
3- Zachery Connolly
3- Max Lane
3- Ryan Tillotson
3- Adrian Weber 

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