A Personalized Service for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

How is this program “Exclusive?”
Throughout your participation in the Exclusive B.A.T.S. Program, you will have our complete, undivided and “exclusive” attention. Our experts will provide personalized service to answer all of your college recruiting questions and develop an action plan to put you on the fast track to college baseball. There are numerous pitfalls out there, but you will gain “exclusive” knowledge that is personal to your goals as a student athlete, in order to avoid falling into those traps.

What does B.A.T.S. mean?
B.A.T.S. stands for Baseball & Academic Targeting Service. Our goal within the Exclusive B.A.T.S. Program is to educate your family on all aspects of the college recruiting process, in order to target the right schools that match your baseball and academic ability.

Why do I need to participate in the Exclusive B.A.T.S. Program?
• Our experts will utilize their experience to help your family navigate the college recruiting process.

• You will be able to turn to your Exclusive B.A.T.S. Program Expert for advice and counsel.

• This program will give you a plan to keep on track with the college search. We will provide you with guidelines and checkpoints along the way.

• We will develop a targeted college list based on your baseball ability, academic standing and social needs. Don’t attack the college search blind, this target list will give you a clear starting point based on your collegiate goals.

• Our experts will provide instructional tips to help you continue improving your ability. Coaches want to see improvement and we’ll help you get there.

• Do you know how to schedule college visits? Do you know the difference between an official and unofficial visit? Do you know how to communicate with a college coach once on campus? Our staff will answer all of these questions and more to give you confidence for your visits.

• Assisting players through the recruiting process is what we do! Over the past 15 years, we’ve assisted over 30,000 players reach their goal of playing college baseball. Those players have received over $500 Million in college scholarships. This is a proven approach to college success.
As a member of the program, you will receive the following:

• Attend a Baseball Factory video filming session and receive your own personal player web page with edited video footage of your performance, plus a detailed evaluation from our scouts.

• Four (4) phone consultations with your Exclusive B.A.T.S. Program Expert. One of those consultations will be with our Academic Advisor to review your transcript and academic resume.

• Our Exclusive B.A.T.S. Program Manual with detailed information taking you step by step through the process.

• The Exclusive B.A.T.S. Program Workbook so that you can track your progress all the way through graduation!

• Podcasts that you can download and listen to at your own leisure. These will be in-depth recordings covering the key topics that apply to your search.

Get Started today on the Fast Track to playing College Baseball!

Baseball Factory By the Numbers:

Exclusive B.A.T.S. Staff

Dan Mooney
Dan Mooney
Senior Director of College Recruiting
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Bernadette Bechta
College Admissions Specialist

Kelly Kulina

National Tryout