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Payment Schedule
and Refund Policy

This is the Baseball Factory Payment Schedule and Refund Policy.

Baseball Factory Player Development/Exclusive Program
For all Baseball Factory Player Development events (national team and training) and the company’s Exclusive College Recruiting Program, a commitment fee* is required to secure participation. This commitment fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. For player cancellation in excess of 30 days from the event (including injuries, weather related occurrences, personal emergencies, schedule changes, and travel delays) any payments made prior to the event, over and beyond the commitment fee, are transferable without penalty to a future Baseball Factory event, as long as the event is within the same calendar year. For all cancellations that occur inside 30 days from the event, any payments made prior to the date of cancellation will be forfeited and may not be transferred to another event, unless the player provides a doctor’s note clearly stating that he is physically unable to perform at the event. If a doctor’s note is provided any monies paid, other than the commitment fee, will be transferable to a future Baseball Factory event within the same calendar year.

*For all events priced $0 – $1,000 the commitment fee is $200. For all events over $1,000 in price the commitment fee is $500, except for the Arizona Senior Fall Classic, which has a commitment fee of $1,000. PROGRAM FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Team One/Baseball Factory Showcase & Tournament Division 
Team One Showcase and Baseball Factory Tournament payments are non-refundable. For any cancellations; team cancellation or event cancellation, any payments can be used as a transferrable credit towards a future Baseball Factory event. A transferrable credit will be granted until 3 weeks prior to the start of the event. No refunds will be issued if an event is cancelled for any reason.


For all other Baseball Factory programs, under any circumstance,  program fees are non-refundable.    For all cancellations, customer cancellation or event cancellation, any monies paid will be transferable to a future Baseball Factory program.


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