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Historic Dodgertown to host final baseball event with Baseball Factory

Vero Beach, Florida – Historic Dodgertown to host final baseball event with Baseball Factory
Over the last 60 years the Dodgers have traveled to warm and sunny Vero Beach, Florida every spring to prepare for their upcoming season.  The tradition of Dodgertown that began in 1948 with the Brooklyn Dodgers never faltered, even after the team relocated to Los Angeles.  As the 2009 season approaches the Dodgers are preparing to move to a new state-of-the-art facility in Arizona, leaving the future of Dodgertown uncertain.  One thing that is certain, however, is the final baseball event scheduled to take place this month before the complex closes its doors.  For four days in December Dodgertown will welcome over 200 enthusiastic high school baseball players seeking a once in a lifetime experience to train and compete like professional baseball players at Baseball Factory’s Dodgertown Christmas Camp and Tournament.

Over the past few years, historic Dodgertown has served as the host for numerous Baseball Factory events.  Regarded as the number one spring training facility in the nation, Dodgertown was recently featured on in the article “America’s 100 Most Important Sports Venues.”  Throughout the six decades the Dodgers called the complex home, legends from Jackie Robinson to Sandy Koufax graced the fields in Vero Beach.  When the Dodgers move their spring training camp to a new facility next year they will take the great baseball tradition with them. The Dodgertown Christmas Camp and Tournament, powered by the Baseball Factory, will be the final baseball event in its storied history.

Dodgertown Christmas Camp and Tournament will be held from December 27 to December 30, 2008 at the Dodgertown Sports & Conference Center.  Over 200 high school baseball players from across the country will train and compete while experiencing the life of a professional baseball player.  Players will receive accelerated training from the best instructors in the nation through drills, position specific training and seminars.  In addition to the intensive training, players will be given a chance to compete on a team in a tournament setting.  The camp provides players with the opportunity to train with the Baseball Factory staff and improve their skills in preparation for their upcoming season.

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