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Luken Baker wins HR Derby

Luken Baker put on quite a show during the HR derby, including a blast that bounced off the Toyota sign high above the left center field bleachers. He only needed six outs to record enough homers to defeat Starling Heredia in the finals. Heredia hit one that appeared to go through the middle of the same Toyota sign that Baker cleared.

Luken Baker launched a total of six balls out onto Waveland Ave

Luken Baker launched a total of six balls out onto Waveland Ave

Chris Betts and Devin Davis were both impressive in the first round. Betts put three balls onto Sheffield Ave over the right field bleachers, and only narrowly missed a fourth – it cleared the Protect This House banner and bounced off the railing at the very top of the bleachers. Davis drove the ball with authority to the biggest part of the ballpark, and went out onto Waveland Ave twice.

By my count, thirteen balls flew all the way out of the ballpark. Betts accounted for all the damage to Sheffield Ave, while three different right handers cleared traffic on Waveland Ave to left field.

First Round Totals

Mitchell Hansen – 2
Corey Zangari – 0
Chris Betts – 6
Josh Naylor – 2
Devin Davis – 5
Nick Plummer – 0
Luken Baker – 7
Starling Heredia – 3

Final Round Totals

Luken Baker – 5
Starling Heredia – 4

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