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Pro Select Training
at Pirate City (Ages 12-14)

Athletes ages 12-14 train with the best coaches in the nation and compete with their peers from across the country at the Official Southern Home of Baseball Factory! Our passionate and dedicated staff will work with you one-on-one with specific drills and teach philosophy that builds from the simple to the complex for each aspect of baseball, helping you get better. This event is invitation-only.

August 5 – 8, 2019

Pirate City / Bradenton, FL

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Players Receive:

Four Days of Intense Training with Professional Coaches

  • Deliberate practice with directed feedback from our highly skilled instructors
  • Advanced athletic development drills and testing assessments
  • Work with our pro instructors on all aspects of your game as they diagnose areas of improvement with corrective techniques in real time and together, create an action plan to fix your weaknesses and improve your strengths
  • Very low staff-to-player-ratio allowing for close oversight of player performance
  • This event is a full baseball immersion-style program with a focus on personal and baseball development as a player

Put your practice and instruction into live game situations

  • Receive corrective feedback from our staff in order to make adjustments to your game
  • Our coaches will make individual recommendations based on observations they see during live game play

Focus on building the complete baseball player to be your very best

  • Engage in Baseball Factory seminars that focus on building character, making smart decisions with social media, being a good teammate, working hard in the classroom & more
  • Our highly-conservative approach to arm care and maintenance is the utmost importance. Baseball Factory is a fully compliant Pitch Smart Organization
  • Our coaches provide heightened expectations for players on and off the field – similar to what is expected in a college or professional development environment

Train and live like a Major Leaguer at state-of-the-art facilities

  • Players experience the life of a professional as you play on the same fields, as well as eat and sleep in the same facilities as the Pittsburgh Pirates!
  • Full-service staff from Pirate City that includes player support services (laundry, housekeeping, food service, hospitality, hydration) and field prep/maintenance

Additional Program Benefits

  • Your personal player web page will be updated with a written evaluation based on your performance during the Pro Select Training at Pirate City
  • Share your updated player page with family and friends
  • Receive corrective videos targeted specifically for you to continue your development after the event
  • Improve your skills by reviewing video instruction and other written content as created by our training staff
  • After attending the Baseball Factory Pro Select Training at Pirate City, your name will be listed on as a participant

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Event Info

August 5 – 8

Pittsburgh Pirates Training Complex / Bradenton, FL

Important Event Info:

  • Players meet Baseball Factory staff at the Tampa International Airport baggage claim (player arrival – 7 am to 11 am)
  • All players will stay at Pirate City, The Southern Home of the Baseball Factory, in the same facilities that the pros use
  • Players will be roomed with other players attending the event
  • All players will be provided with three meals a day, lodging and ground transportation. Airfare is NOT included in the registration fees
  • Players may bring spending money for souvenirs and/or extra snacks
  • Players will receive an Under Armour Baseball Factory jersey and hat
  • Players need to bring all necessary baseball equipment for training and competition
  • Players receive online access to the Academic, Baseball & Character (A.B.C.) Manual to assist in their player development and the college recruiting process
  • Players receive a detailed player info pack upon registration
  • Parents and guests are responsible for providing their own reservation, meals and transportation

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