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2014 Under Armour All-America Pre-Season Tournament: 2015 Grad Top 10

With over 400 players participating in the 2014 Under Armour All-America Pre-Season Tournament, powered by Baseball Factory, our scouts were treated to players from across the country that had many tools from blistering foot speed, to rockets for arms on the mound and behind the plate. While we cannot honor everyone that attended we did want to highlight a few players that stood out.

The following are the Top 10 2015 Grads from the 2014 Under Armour All-America Pre-Season Tournament.

Sati Santa Cruz | RHP | Sahuarita, AZ | Sahuarita
Santa Cruz was among the first three players named to this year’s Under Armour All-America Game roster on Friday night at the Opening Ceremony. He has a solid, strong build at 6-foot-1 and 200 pounds, and pitched from the low side of a three quarters arm angle. He maintained control of his actions well from start to finish, and his arm worked easy – allowing him to get his velocity with what looked liked little effort. His fastball sat in the 89-91 range solidly thru his outing, and had boring arm side life at times.  He threw his breaking ball for strikes, certainly has feel for the pitch, and featured some variance in the velocity from the low 70s to the upper 70s.

Ke’Bryan Hayes | 3B/RHP | Tomball, TX | Concordia Lutheran
Hayes, a University of Tennessee commit, was also among the first three players announced to this year’s Under Armour All-America Game. He stands at 6-foot-1 and 205 pounds, with a solid build. He features an advanced feel for hitting, thanks to standout hand-eye coordination and good bat speed. His approach is simple and balanced, with quiet pre pitch action and strength at contact – allowing him to generate consistent hard line drive contact with wood. His hands work very well defensively, just as they do to hit, and he shows similar body control and fluidity in his actions. His arm strength translated to the mound, where pitched 86-88 and spun an upper 70s breaking ball with 11-5 shape. He attacked the zone and featured an athletic delivery.

Bailey Falter | LHP | Chino Hills, CA | Chino Hills
Falter has a slender frame with long limbs at 6-foot-4 and 170 pounds. Through four controlled innings (5 hitters to the plate regardless of outs), he punched out easily over half the batters he faced on his way to one of the most impressive outings of the weekend. Three pitches were thrown for strikes, while he showed glimpses of command of two (fastball and change). Fastball had tailing action in the 84-85 range, and topped at 87. Change was thrown in the mid 70s with arm stroke and action of fastball, along with previously mentioned feel. The best breaking balls were around 70 with some depth to 2-8 shape from his high three quarters slot. His arm worked well out front, accelerated easily thru release, while he controlled his actions well thru his delivery. Combined quality stuff with mound presence, feel for pitching and a projectable body.

Tristan Metten | SS/2B | Lewisville, TX | Prestonwood Christian Academy
Metten, a Texas A&M commit, has a high waisted and well proportioned frame with an athletic look and room to fill out at 6-foot and 175 pounds. He is a high energy defender with a quick first step and the ability to accelerate in just a few steps laterally. He gets the glove out front and plays the ball with sure hands. He has a lot more substance than style defensively, and has enough arm to play the left side of the infield and to turn the double play from 2B. At the plate, his ability to accelerate the barrel thru contact stands out, as does his ability to consistently impact the ball – with the combination of these two skills leading to both advanced hitting ability and raw power. His premium bat and potential to play up the middle of the field make him a premium prospect.

Keegan Meyn | OF | Oklahoma City, OK | Yukon
Meyn has a large frame with long limbs and width at 6-foot-3 and 185 pounds, giving him room to fill out as he physically matures. That is mostly relevant for him in terms of raw power, where he should begin to see a move up the scale as he is able to impart more strength at contact, allowing him to maximize the leverage in his swing to drive balls farther and deeper. He drives the ball from gap to gap with ease at present, thanks to a short quick move to contact and a coordinated move thru contact that allows for frequent contact on the good part of the barrel. Defensively, he moves with ease and some fluidity, and features a very strong arm. He ran 6.95 in the 60 yard dash this time out, a couple of tenths off what we’ve seen before, but still enough to fit the bill of the potential five tool player.

Erick Migueles | OF | Oro Valley, AZ | Canyon Del Oro
Migueles has a solid build with some present strength at 5-foot-11 and 185 pounds. He took good angles to the ball in the OF, and flowed thru the ball with momentum to the target – allowing him to generate some carry on his throws. At the plate, he featured an aggressive and full move through contact. He was able to get the bat head out against good velocity, and was strong at contact – allowing him to make consistent hard contact, and to drive the ball with ease. He combined a feel to hit with strength and bat speed, making him one of the top offensive performers at the event. He ran better down the line (4.49 from the left side) than in the 60 (7.32).

Kody Clemens | SS/OF | Houston, TX | Memorial
Clemens, a University of Texas commit, has a high waisted, athletic build at 6-foot-1 and 170 pounds. He maintains his strength at contact, has quick hands and a good path to contact – allowing him to generate consistent line drives along with some power to the pull gap with a wood bat. He runs well both in the 60 (6.84) and than down the line (4.38 from the left side), giving him some profile options. His feet have quickness in the infield, and he has arm strength. In general, he has a good feel for the game – which gives him usable tools, especially hitting ability but he also has enough feel to play in the middle of the field defensively.

Austin Treadwell | RHP | Albuquerque, NM | El Dorado
Treadwell, a University of New Mexico commit, has long limbs and projectable length to his frame at 6-foot-3 and 200 pounds. His fastball sat 86-88 with slight arm side run from the high side of a three quarters angle. His breaking ball had tight spin with depth and sharpness to a 10-4 shape break in the mid 70s. He was able to generate arm speed out front, and obviously has the hand looseness to spin a high quality breaking ball. Even more impressive than his pure stuff was his feel for it, especially with the breaking ball. With an already usable two-pitch mix to build on, as he matures physically he stands to gain more than just a radar gun jump.

Ford Proctor | SS | Beaumont, TX | Monsignor Kelly Catholic
Proctor, a Rice University commit, has room to fill out his 6-foot and 190 pound frame. His actions are quick twitch to hit and with the glove, and at around 7.1 in the 60 he is a good enough runner. His left handed stroke is short and he generates bat speed with wood. The stroke translated from BP to game at bats thanks to quiet pre pitch action, good pitch selection and good overall feel to hit. Defensively, he accelerated quickly and moved light on his feet. Actions were compact and naturally quick, allowing him to display catch and throw ability even when ranging laterally. Though he projects to get bigger, he has potential to remain in the middle of the field defensively.

Zane Gill | RHP | Pensacola, FL | Pensacola Catholic
Gill, a Duke University commit, has a broad shouldered look at 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds. He pitched from a three quarters slot with upper body twist prior to separation, making it difficult for the hitter to pick up the ball. He combined arm quickness and hand looseness to generate late run and sink on his fastball, along with tight spin and depth on his breaking ball. Fastball sat 86-88 and touched 89, and was arguably the best pitch of it’s kind at the entire event – pure velocity was two mph off the top, life was at or near the top, and there was evidence of command. Breaking ball was a mid 70s offering with 11-5 action, while change had some sink in the mid 70s. He attacked hitters with fastball and curve, and in general showed a good feel for his stuff along with deception.

Be sure to check back because we will be posting other Top Tools and Players from the event.

All Top Players and event postings will be updated on the 2014 Event Page.

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