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MLB Scouts In Attendance at the 2007 Under Armour Pre-Season All-America Tournament

Tucson, AZ– The 2007 Under Armour Pre-Season All-America Tournament featured over 200 players from 27 different states and two countries who headed to the Arizona desert to kick off the high school season. At least twenty-five Major League scouts (including two national cross-checkers) representing thirteen different organizations, attended the event. There were a few particular players the scouts came to see, but they left with a larger follow list than they came with.

American League

Anaheim Angels
Jeff Scholzen
Buck Thomas

Kansas City Royals
Spencer Graham
Ken Munoz
Mike Toomey

New York Yankees
Kendall Carter
Steve Kmetko

Seattle Mariners
Ted Heid

Texas Rangers
Kevin Bootay
Kip Fagg
Andy Pratt

Toronto Blue Jays
Dan Cholowsky

National League

Arizona Diamondbacks
Rodney Davis
Matt Smith

Atlanta Braves
Tom Battista

Cincinnati Reds
Ernie Ramirez

Colorado Rockies
Steve Bernhardt
Tony Diaz
Freddie Ocasio

Houston Astros
Mark Ross

Philadelphia Phillies
Bill Bliss
Therron Brockish

St. Louis Cardinals
Aaron Krausio

*These scouts officially signed in at the event. Some had two or more representatives. Other scouts were there but didn’t officially check in.

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